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Apple Watch overheats and explodes as user throws it out the window

Apple Watch overheats and explodes as user throws it out the window

Apple Watch overheats and explodes as user throws it out the window
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By CNBCTV18.com Oct 6, 2022 1:30:25 PM IST (Published)

A man's Apple Watch battery allegedly expanded, overheated and eventually "exploded” over the course of 24 hours.

An alleged battery failure caused an explosion of an Apple Watch Series 7, according to a story from one Apple Watch user. The user told 9to5Mac that he had noticed the Apple Watch getting hotter than usual, with the device displaying a high-temperature warning. The man then contacted Apple Support which escalated the issue and asked him not to wear or touch the watch until Apple contacted him again.

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However, the watch allegedly exploded the following day after the user noticed some crackling sounds coming from the watch. The user claims it exploded just as he threw it out the window, 9to5Mac reported.
He sought medical attention for lead poisoning, and it is unclear if the man was burnt, or sustained any injuries. The reason behind the explosion is also unclear.
As per the user, the watch had left burn marks on his couch. There have been incidents of failures of lithium-ion batteries in Apple products in the past, but they are rare.
According to the user, Apple sent a document requesting him to not share the story, which he declined to sign. The company then arranged a pick-up to take the device to its labs for testing.
Lithium-ion batteries are generally safe, but a "runaway" thermal condition in the battery or physical damage to the device can cause battery failures. It is also important to remember the Apple Watch does not contain nearly enough lead to actually cause poisoning. The user took such a step only to be careful.
In case users see the high-temperature warnings on the Apple Watch or any other devices with indications of physical damage like cracks or dents, it is advisable to remove the device from the inside of your vehicle or house and contact support immediately.
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