Qatar, 2022

A white floating ghutrah with eyes, eyebrows, & an open mouth. The name is an Arabic word, meaning super-skilled player


Russia, 2018

A wolf who is described as “charming, confident & social”. The name means “the one who scores” in Russian


Brazil, 2014

A cartoon armadillo, modelled on the three-banded armadillo, an endangered species which is indigenous to Brazil. The name is a fusion of Portuguese words Futebol (football) & Ecologia (Ecology)


A leopard in green & gold representing the country’s national sports’ team colours. The name is derived from “ZA” an acronym for South Africa & “Kumi” which translates as “10” in some African languages

South Africa, 2010

Goleo VI & Pille

Germany, 2006

Goleo VI is a lion while Pille is a speaking football. Goleo is a combination of the words “goal” & “leo”, the Latin word for lion. Pille is an informal term for a football in Germany…

Goleo VI & Pille were Fifa’s first-ever “living” characters that could talk, dance, play music & make people laugh

Ato, Kaz & Nik

South Korea, Japan, 2002

Orange, purple, & blue futuristic, computer-generated creatures that were collectively members of a team of “Atmosball” (a fictional football-like sport), with Ato as the coach while Kaz & Nik as players…

This was the first tournament to have more than 2 mascots