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    Stormy monsoon session is brewing over list of unparliamentary words

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    Stormy monsoon session is brewing over list of unparliamentary words


    The parliament has circulated a list of words which would be considered as unparliamentary in the upcoming session. MP's have been told that words like lie, sexual harassment, ashamed, crocodile tears, lollipop and many more are not allowed inside the parliament.

    The monsoon session of the Parliament begins on the July 18. Ahead of the session, the Parliament’s Secretariat has circulated a booklet of words considered unparliamentary, and the list is a long one. These are words which have been considered unparliamentary in Indian parliament, state assemblies and other Parliament’s in Commonwealth countries over the past few years.
    The list of unparliamentary phrases and words is updated from time to time. “What double standards are this”, “don’t try and get my work”, “this is the worst government ever” — these are some phrases which would be considered unparliamentary.
    When it comes to English words like “ashamed”, “beaten with shoes”, “conversion”, “corrupt, “COVID spreader”, “crocodile tears”, “cruel”, “donkey”, “eyewash”, “fake”, “fraud lollipops”, “mafia”, “snake charmer” and “sexual harassment” would be considered unparliamentary.
    A lot of people have questioned why the term sexual harassment is unparliamentary. In Hindi, words like “chamcha”, “kaan pakadna”, “shakuni”, “taanashahi”, “khalistani”, “kaal bazaar”, etc, would be considered unparliamentary.
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    So what happens if an MP uses these words?
    These words and phrases will be expunged from the proceedings of the house. Lok Sabha speaker and the Rajya Sabha chairman will take the final call. Even the acting speaker or the acting chairman has the power to order these words or phrases to be expunged.
    Derek O’Brien of the TMC said, “Session begins in a few days, gag orders have been issued on MPs. Now we will not be allowed to use basic words while delivering speeches in Parliament such as ashamed, abuse, betrayed, corrupt, hypocrisy, incompetent, but I will use all these words — suspend me fighting for democracy”.
    Mallikarjun Kharge, a senior leader of the Congress Party has also tweeted that the government may have banned these words, but they (the government) are answerable to the people of India on LPG, price rise, unemployment, Agnipath. “And we are going to strongly take up these issues in the upcoming session of parliament,” Kharge tweeted.
    So clearly, when the monsoon session begins, there is going to be a face-off between the opposition and the government on this list of unparliamentary words and phrases.
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