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NASA's Orion Spacecraft clicks stunning images of Moon and Earth as part of Artemis I mission

NASA's Orion Spacecraft clicks stunning images of Moon and Earth as part of Artemis I mission

NASA's Orion Spacecraft clicks stunning images of Moon and Earth as part of Artemis I mission
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By Sangam Singh  Nov 22, 2022 11:29:38 AM IST (Published)

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After many delays, NASA's ambitious 25-day Artemis I Moon programme was finally launched on Wednesday, November 16. With its trip underway, the Orion spacecraft is equipped with 16 different cameras to collect valuable data and document mission events. Orion is on its sixth day of the journey, and the American space agency has shared many images as the spacecraft approaches closest to the lunar surface. See some images here:

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A portion of the far side of the Moon looms large just beyond the Orion spacecraft in this image taken on the sixth day of the Artemis I mission by a camera on the tip of one of Orion s solar arrays. (Image Credit: NASA)

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On the sixth day of its mission, NASA's Orion Spacecraft approached as close to 80 miles (128 km) above the lunar surface and passed over several Apollo landings sites. (Image Credit: NASA)

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Earlier, the Orion Spacecraft captured this shot of Earth's “setting” while passing close to the Moon. "Nearly 270,000 miles (430,000 km) away, #Artemis I will soon surpass Apollo 13’s record-setting distance from Earth in a spacecraft designed to carry astronauts," NASA said. (Image Credit: NASA)

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NASA remembered its historic Apollo 12 mission when the Orion made its closest lunar approach. "53 years ago, the Apollo 12 astronauts were in lunar orbit preparing to head back home!." (Image Credit: NASA)

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NASA posted many pictures of the Moon that its spacecraft captured during its sixth day of flight as it approached its first outbound and closest lunar approach. (Image Credit: NASA)

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Orion spacecraft took a "selfie" while approaching the Moon ahead of the outbound. NASA said that Orion came within 81 miles of the lunar surface during this manoeuvre. (Image Credit: NASA)

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Orion Spacecraft manoeuvred its solar arrays on the third day of the Artemis I mission and captured the Moon with a camera mounted on the end of the array. (Image Credit: NASA)

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On the third day of the mission, NASA's teams performed a checkout on its Orion spacecraft when this image was captured outside the vehicle. The spacecraft was more than halfway to the Moon. NASA posted the images saying, "Spacecraft get selfies, too." (Image Credit: NASA)

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Orion spacecraft used its optical navigation camera to snap a black and white photo of planet Earth on the second day of the 25-day Artemis I mission. To capture imagery of the Earth and the Moon, Orion used the optical navigation camera at different phases and distances, providing an enhanced body of data. (Image Credit: NASA)

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